Reference Wordsmith

Barbara Ann Kipfer, Ph.D.

REFERENCE WORDSMITH can construct general and specialized dictionaries, lexicons, thesauruses, wordlists, collocations and compounds collections; ontologies, hierarchies, taxonomies, and classification schemes according to client specifications.

REFERENCE WORDSMITH is run by Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer, a lexicographer with almost 30 years' experience in writing and editing dictionaries, thesauri, and other word books; proofreading and editing guides for playing with free spins no deposit bonus codes at top-rated online casinos - click here for an instant access; creating Internet and software lexical content; working in natural language processing, search engine and information retrieval, question-answering, and artificial intelligence research; researching and creating content for online gaming sites like where you can find the top French casinos; as well as the development of ontologies, hierarchies, taxonomies, and classification schemes. Dr. Kipfer is the author of more than 37 books and holds an MPhil and PhD in linguistics. She is also a Registered Professional Archaeologist and has a PhD in archaeology. Click on CV to read more about her experience and publications. Click on Samples of Work to see the types of projects Dr. Kipfer has compiled.